Jay Electronica + Jay Z + Dream = DOWNLOAD THIS!!!

"Me and Puff, we was chillin' in Miami, he said 'Nigga f*ck the underground, you need to win a grammy, for your mama and your family. They need to see you shined up. You built a mighty high ladder, lemme see you climb up.  Nigga, what you scared of? Terrorize these artificial rap niggas and spread love, pollen in their ear buds...'"
-Jay Electronica
I can't be mad at Jay for name-dropping Puff when he raps, if he's gonna spit dopeness. That's what we got happening on Shiny Suit Theory... oh, and Jay-Z's on there too...

yeah, that's the stuff... I'm right there with everyone else, concerned that Jay Electro may never record an album, but it's 2010, and that's where we're at. Artists release albums that flop because record companies don't quite know how to make fans pay for music. Congratulations! You can have some more free downloads, mixtapes, and remixes, but may hafta wait on that album from your "favorite" rapper. Until then, I'll take the free downloads. So click here to download Shiny Suit Theory, and cross your fingers for that album.


B_Steelo said...


corance said...

That was dope!

samax said...


Vee (Scratch) said...

Bro, I know you're the biggest Jay-Z fan. HA!!! But big homey definitely did his thing on the verse.

I don't think this was one of Jay Electronica's shining moments. But it is all good.

samax said...

I thought both Jays were fairly nice on this. I'm indifferent to Jay-Z most of the time. He's nice, but I haven't been tempted to buy or download a Jay-z record in a long time.

If I was from New York, I would probably get more excited about him. As it is, I tip my cap to him, but that's about it.

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