This RJD2-laced track Bridge (featuring Jean Grae at her most feminine) is off of an upcoming Year of the Blacksmith mixtape.

Not sure what happened to Jeannie's album Cake or Death (don't tell me I missed it?), but this song is dope. I also posted a couple youTube vids I found below. Jean Grae is probably my favorite girl rapper right now. Jean is a straight spitter who has bodied many dudes on posse tracks, and not just by jumping on tracks with lames like some girl rappers I could name. But she also has a healthy love of experimentation... If the general public ever takes notice of her, Jean will be a huge star.
Anyways, click here to download Bridge while the gettin' is good.
BONUS: The Climb and Stick Up Dance by Jean Grae 


Arkonbey said...


I've like RJD2 a lot (when he doesn't try to sing). Her voice really meshes with his style (and the tone of her voice sounds so sweet and innocent on this track).

samax said...

I agree. Jean does hooks for other artists from time to time. She's very versatile and smart. The "sweet" quality in this song surprised me. It's not something I know her for. I like it, though!

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