Shadoweyes in Love cover art

Here's some cover art process work from one of my absolute favorite artists in the world, GhettoManga Award-winning cartoonist Ross Campbell. This piece is for the cover to Shadoweyes in Love, the second volume of his OGN* series about a teenage vigilante turned teenage MUTANT vigilante... no ninjitsu, though. Or turtles... At least not yet. Where was I? Oh Yeah... so peep some more process art and the final cover artwork below. As usual, there will be some random meandering on my part as well...

As I looked through my previous posts, I realized I never posted a full review of Shadoweyes Volume 1 , so I will make sure to do that soon. Suffice to say, it's the bomb! Ross's style is a little bit grimier on this than his previous comics, but in a way that is totally appropriate for a post- apocalyptic superhero monster comic. And his unbelievable knack for character design is in full display too. Besides the fact that his title character is a monster who is cute and creepy at the same time, He also creates a cast that shows his gift for capturing visual and personal diversity. His background in telling slice-of-life stories is in play as well, as the characters are fleshed out through a series of conversations and everyday type interactions.

We also see Ross Campbell flex his world-building skills, again as part of the storytelling. There is very little raw exposition. Instead, he folds information about the city of Dranac into the dialogue, so that over the course of this story, we really get to know the city, and form some theories about its history, culture and population.

Anyways, Shadoweyes Volume 1 gets my highest recommendation, and is in stores now. It looks like Shadoweyes Volume 2: Shadoweyes in Love will drop in April of 2011, so look for more about that as the release date approaches, but you can preorder it here.



ross said...

thanks so much for the plug, man! really glad you like the series so far. :)

and don't forget, you can read the comic online at!!!

samax said...

thanks! I keep forgetting to post the webcomic link! The fall issue of the magazine has a brief Shadoweyes review in the BegBorrowSteal section.

Arkonbey said...

Gahhh! I have to wait until April?


samax said...

lol! Don't get me started!

Art Love said...

I LOVED ShadowEyes 1. Picked it up on your recommendation and then somehow it sat here for a month without being read. When I finally got to it, I really felt it.

Ross Campbell. One more artist you got me into.

samax said...

Yeah, Ross is brilliant. If you can get your hands on his Zombie book "the Abandoned", you should read it. You'd love it!

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