Like Sunday Morning...

If I was a rapper, r&b or gospel singer, I would steal beats from this dude B. Lewis and make a bangin' ass dude Zees Moreno put me on to this dude, and all I can say is he sure knows his way around the boards...
I'm actually in the middle of listening to his free offering, La Semaine (literally, The Week)... can't give you much of a review, since I may never get past Day Two: When The Wise Men Fall, but I feel confident recommending it anyway. it is FREE, after all...

okay, I left that one behind in the name of reviewing this... like the tags he posted suggest, San Francisco native B. Lewis makes experimental hip hop laced soul music. His beats remind me of 9th Wonder, Jah Born or S-1 of strangeFruit Project... very soulful and jazzy, but obviously the work of a beatsmith raised on hip hop. There isn't any rapping on the 7 track La Semaine, but I could easily see an emcee like Common, J-Live, or Playdough feeling at home on these beats. The beats all by themselves evoke a spirit of introspection, love and loss that I hope would be used to serve a true lyricist, be it rapper or singer, not some idiot crush music.
Anyways, click here to cop La Semaine free (and peep his extensive catalog). What you do with it is your business!


adofo said...

this cat is on to something!!! DONT SLEEP!THANKS!!!

samax said...

I agree. thanks for stopping by!

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