unpublished "Orc Stain" pages

As I mentioned in a previous post, that dude James Stokoe is putting together extras for the Orc Stain TPB*, and has been leaking some of the goodies (including the cover shown here). I figured I would also share these unpublished story pages from Longscar's Heat, (a story he said will NOT appear in the book), because I'm such a nice guy...

"About 10 pages in and the end still nowhere near in sight, there was no way I could fit it in/ finish it in time" said Stokoe on his nifty, new Orc Stain blog. "The story plan started out as a simple orc scavenger idea, then quickly turned into a sweeping western-ish revenge adventure where the main orc gets his body taken over by a rogue 'marg' (the fuzzy hat creatures, like what Zazu is). I think I'll eventually turn it into an oversized one-shot at some point..."
Oh, speaking of unpublished pages, here's some Silver Surfer pages Stokes drew for fun.

 I'm sure these helped him get the Silver Surfer short in Marvel Strange Tales II #3. Sweet, huh? Oh, and here's some pages from a book he did called Murderbullets that I've been sitting on. I have no idea where you can get this comic. Sorry.

anyways, that's enough Stokoe-babble for now (for me, at least. If you want more, click here)

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