Start the Day off Right w/Sol Messiah, Stahhr, Sa-Roc, Mike Flo, Ekundayo, and Skippcoon

To quote my dude Goldi (I swiped this youTubery for this Sol Messiah joint Afrika off his blog) "Look! Throw this on your blog. Say it's dope. Then actually listen to it. You'll feel like you're psychic for doing it!!"
Now, to be fair, I did listen to it first, but yeah, it's dope.

oh, and I know the pic has nothing to do with the song. It's the dude who airbrushed Nas's teeshirt in the video One Mic, which may be the dopest teeshirt I ever saw in a rap video. I couldn't find any good artwork for Afrika, so I went with a tangent instead, 'cause I'm the boss around here. Have a nice day!
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BONUS: One Mic by Nas

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