Power Man and Iron Fist "Watchmen" rap circa 1985

Found this while doing research for the Luke Cage tribute issue. Yeah, it's bad, but I know some of you like to pass around bad viral videos. so here you go...

This may make you laugh when you consider that they are referencing the story and characters from the comic-turned-movie Watchmen. Then again, maybe not...
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@DwainIBe said...

Holy isht! That's all I can say. But, why are they pushin' DC when they're clearly representin' Marvel?!

samax said...

riiight... let my people go, oh spirit of confusion! lol

Arkonbey said...

Aw, man that was entirely awesome! Thanks for finding it! Old-school nerds messing around like they were just hoping for YouTube to come around in twenty years.

I cracked up at "[Dr. Manhattan] can't even take the time to make a pair of pants!"

I did think that translating PM's circlet-thing into a bandanna was totally inspired.

samax said...

break-dancing Iron Fist gets points too.

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