"Enough Lines to fill Bill Nye's hard drive"

If you wanna listen to a whole lotta rappers who need Jesus really bad, peep this. Indie rap just like mom usedta make...

For the record, Mutant Emcee Volume 1: Resistence Muzik is like 27 tracks long, with a few skippable tracks, but really it's got more than a few that are really brilliant. I used to live for tapes like this, actually PAYING for them to help me discover new talent. Had I paid $10 bucks for this, I would'a been ecstatic to discover artists like Sean Wan, MERCURY, Burger and Mygrane McNastee, who consistently spit flames on this one.
If you're in a hurry, make SURE to listen to track 8 (Out of My Mind), track 14 (Faded Foxes), track 15 (Hip Hop Was Never Dead),  and track 25 (No Sell Out). But you'll get a lot out of this if you're able to resist hitting the skip button. Like a lotta indie rap tapes, Mutant Emcee Volume 1: Resistence Muzik has lots of songs that are missing something... but what they have is worth hearing, if you actually LIKE hip hop.  Songs like track 6 (My Gun) and track 13 (Blunts for My People) feature some quality rapping that is a lot better than the hooks that they share space with. Now that cats tend to flood the streets with these tapes, we get 'em free, so what do I got to complain about?
Plus, this joint has mad X-men drops and slick comics references, so it's worth it just for that! click here to cop it free, suckaz...

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