Start the day off Right w/ Ransom

My homegirl SmoovArt sent me a link to this video last night on Twitter. I never heard of this dude Ransom before, but he's nice...

I like the limited animation in this. Not sure what it's from (maybe it was made for the video). Anyways, have a nice day!


Killer ZEES said...

The the animation with all the people dancing and the guy punching the screen looks like this dude's stuff

Killer ZEES said...

That's what it is...just figured it out.

samax said...

WOW! that dude is SICK! That looks like it. Good EYES fam!

samax said...

I contacted the artist, and he didn't even know who Ransom was (bootLEEEEEEG!), but that is his work. Good call!

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