I heard Jay Electronica's on that Roc...

When I got up this morning, the web was on fire with news that GhettoManga Award-Winning emcee Jay Electronica inked a deal with Jay-z's Roc Nation. so I guess Hammer's dissing HIM next...

so anyways, I got this footage off my dude Goldi's blog. For everyone lamenting that Jay shouldn't have signed with... um, Jay... at least this MAY put him closer to dropping his long-awaited debut album... or maybe he will just wind up ghostwriting for Memphis Bleak or something. Who knows?  It's not like Jay (Electronica) was in a rush to record, anyways... We know I'm a huge Jay Electronica fan, so I got MY fingers crossed...
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corance said...

That was a hot verse. I'm not sure Jay Elect's being on the Roc does me any favors, though. Definitely so if, like you said, he drops a album.

samax said...

I echo everything you just said!

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