New Teaser ad for project I'm working on...

 Here's a teaser ad I made to fill in one of the as-yet unpurchased ad spaces in the new issue of GhettoManga Quarterly Magazine.

It probably doesn't take a genius to figure out what this is... but I will hold back talking about it for a while anyways.  Right now I have lots of stuff to work on, including getting the new issue of the magazine ready to go to the printer. Which leads to my next topic:

As you may already know, I lost my job in September. My family is holding up okay, but it just means that for GhettoManga to continue as planned, it needs increased fan and sponsor support. I already have enough money to fill existing subscriptions. Additional subscriptions (which get you 4 issues for the price of 3) will help a lot.  As would additional sponsors.
a peek at what the issue will include...
The Undead Celebrities issue of GhettoManga Quarterly is 64 pages (up from the usual 52, but at no extra cost) and will come out October 31st. Again, you can you can subscribe to the magazine if you like right now to get best deal I've got. 4 magazines for the price of three. I'm also throwing in my Vampire Gary Coleman print for all my subscribers, so get in on that below. If you want to become a sponsor of our fine publication, click here for details!

GhettoManga Quarterly



bigkuntree said...

Can't wait for my 1st issue in my new subscription!!

samax amen said...

Won't be long now, boss! Thanks again for your support!

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Ahh, sheeeet! Looking grimey and old school :-)

samax amen said...

yeah, that's the mode i'm in these days.

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