PREVIEW- Creator-Owned HEROES #5

Image Comics did not invent creator-owned comics, but it fair to say that we have them to thank (or to blame, if you prefer) for the renaissance of the creator-owned spirit in the marketplace today. As such, it's fitting that 20 years in, Image is the publishing home of this Creator Owned Heroes anthology. Here's a preview of the latest issue...

Here's the Sales pitch:

Part one of a brand new four-part story. Introducing Killswitch, an enigmatic, and devastatingly handsome killer with a fetish for blunt force, a strong code of honor, and more than a few skeletons in his closet. Killswitch is drawn into a game of death with the world's top assassins to find out who is behind the contract on his head - and why.

A brand new two-part story begins, as a family living in the old west must reconcile that someone close to them might be a killer, or worse. A dark tale of haunting family dedication and the price we pay for love.

PLUS! An interview with AMANDA CONNER, art galleries, con photos, and original articles all celebrating the creator owned spirit.

Looks good! I'm a big fan of indy superhero comics and anthology books, so I think I'm gonna get down with this issue.  Creator Owned Heroes #5 hits stores October 10th.


Anonymous said...

I loved Triggergirl 6. Great story and outstanding art by Noto. American Muscle rocked, too. Can't wait for the next 2; especially Black Sparrow - the previews look promising. Creator-Owned Heroes is more than satisfying so far.

Thanks for posting the previews.

samax amen said...

No problem... It's what I do!

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