"Slap a politician, sample the slap into a beat..." -Bambu

The homie Salina shared this video for Rent Money (by soCal street hopper Bambu, with a feature by Rocky Rivera) on Facebook and I've been bumping it all day...

Rent Money is off of Bambu's new album ...One Rifle Per Family which just dropped on bandcamp on October 2nd.

The album is a nice blend of Filipino pride, conscious rap, and Bambu's West Coast post-gangster off-kilter flow. This well-read emcee wears his chin-checking street credibility like a merit badge, but more often than not, the lyrics on ...One Rifle Per Family are heartfelt and sincere. Bambu advocates reading and educating oneself (yes, there is a song about seducing chicks with books), dismisses public education as irrelevant, and of course encourages people to bear arms. 

"When you say it in a song
It ain't nearly quite as strong
as when you say the same thing
with a rifle in your arm..."
If you like post-NWA Ice Cube or Dead Prez, you'd pro'lly enjoy this. If so get a copy off the bandcamp or Amazon. I have always enjoyed the blend of conscious and gangster, and that's pretty much what you'll get on ...One Rifle Per Family. Bambu has no problem keeping his songs fun and jamming while he drops that info on you, either. After listening through a few times, I'd say high points include the Jake One produced Boom, the "unemployment rap music" joint Th Eshit (f/ Sick Jack), and of course Rent Money. But I bet if I listen to it more, I would have different favorites. Let me know what YOU'RE feeling once you get a chance to listen to it...



Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

YES! Bam is the man! He's in Oakland now! U goota peep "I scream bars for the children" and "Exact Change"!

samax amen said...

Ha! All the while I was writing this I was thinking about you, Tres!

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