Hip Hop + graffiti activist+ Ninja + Sci-fi + Superhero = KICKSTART THIS!

Peep Aizan, star of the new Kickstarter campaign by my Black Comix brethren Shawn Alleyne of Pyroglyphics Studio.

Here's the Sales pitch:
Aizan is the story of a young woman by the name of Hela St.August, a passionate artist and graffiti activist who lives in a world where as a result of a super-powered war, her city is left devastated. Angry, bitter and rebellious to start with, Hela's life slips into disarray, and with the new emerging superhuman and vigilante community, she begins to feel disgusted by people with powers and views the superhuman community as parasites. Her life turns even more topsy-turvy when she not only discovers that SHE has powers but that she is also heir to a superhero legacy.  word. Here's some art.

Click here for more info and to put some bread on it.



corance said...

Whoa! That artist has madd skillz!

samax amen said...

Yeah, Shawn's dope.

Shawn Alleyne said...

Thanks for the props Corance. And thanks for spreading the word Samax. Much appreciated.

samax amen said...

Word, fam. You know how I do.

Ganesh kartik said...
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