Bryan Lee O'Malley covers Young Avengers

Young Avengers #1 B.L.O. style...

Nice. If that dude Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim, Lost At Sea) was doing the interiors, I would actually be tempted to buy this. But he's not, so... whatever. CLICK HERE to get more info on this comic via the fine folks at Newsarama.



ross said...

oh man, so good. i would buy this in a heartbeat if Bryan was doing interiors.

samax amen said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, O'Malley's cover is the proverbial cherry on top, but McKelvie's interiors and Gillen's writing are superb and well worth admission price, it's not just a 'whatever' title!

samax amen said...

The "whatever" is not a knock on the book.

I just don't buy that many monthlies. I'm not really looking to add the cost of another Marvel book to my monthly expenses.

If Marvel decides to stop playing hard-to-get and send me some digital comps to review, I will not turn them down!

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous! Whoever you are...

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