Preview- Love & Capes:What to Expect #3

 I've never read the superhero romantic sit-com comic Love and Capes, but this cover had TWO (2) black people on the cover AT THE SAME TIME! Controversial, I know! So I had to check it out...
Here's the Sales pitch:
Darkblade is finding that trying to balance his business, his superhero life, and his relationship with Amazonia is causing him to spread himself a little thin. There's only one solution: It’s time to get a sidekick… er, intern. Meanwhile, Abby begins to wonder why mothers feel compelled to share birthing horror stories with pregnant women.

Not bad. And they ended the preview with a cliffhanger. Follow the bread crumbs to your local comic shop, where Love & Capes:What to Expect #3 arrives October 3rd. If you're like me and never read it, but you wanna try it out,  click here to cop the first Love and Capes paperback collection on Amazon .


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