"Samax did the Wed, White and Wu art and I rock his tees all the time. Dope!" -Playdough

Click here for 50% off Teeshirts with my art! Use coupon code SWIFT at checkout!For those who don't know, the white dude rocking my Gorgeous Destroyer: Black Flag Tee is Playdough, one of my all-time favorite rhyme animals. When I found out Cafe Press was doing a 50% off teeshirt sale, I decided to make a little teeshirt promo and I KNEW I had to use this old pic of Playdough rocking my isht. So I posted it on Facebook and tagged Playdough (since he's in the picture), and moved on with my day.
So then the next time I jumped on Facebook, I saw this:

Nice! It's a fun experience to have someone I'm a fan of also be a fan of me! Plus, y'know... I need the money! GET OUT THERE AND SELLLLLLL...
What was I saying? Oh yeah, so go ahead and click here to check out some of my humble designs, and use coupon code SWIFT when you check out for 50% off.


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