"Hip-Hop And Comics: Cultures Combining" Panel from New York Comic Con

Come get an education in the spirit of what GhettoManga is all about via the "Hip-Hop And Comics: Cultures Combining" Panel from New York Comic Con. The panel features a who's who of rap and comics cats including Kagan McLeod, Pete Rock, Jean Grae, D-Pi & DMC. Plus, there's a mention of Son of Bazerk. Just Sayin'...

Here's the Word:
On October 13th, 2012, Depth Of Field Magazine presented the Hip-Hop & Comics panel at New York Comic Con. The discussion was moderated by Patrick A. Reed, and featured Eric Orr, Jean Grae, Adam "Illus" Wallenta, Ron Wilson, Ronald Wimberly, Pete Rock, Kagan McLeod, Johnny "Juice" Rosado, and Darryl DMC McDaniels discussing the shared history of Comics and Hip-Hop and their personal connections to these two cultures. More information on the panel can be found here.
Yes, I should have been there, but I'm poor, so shout out to Depth Of Field Magazine for posting this on YouTube. Even as a cat who reads and writes about the connection all the time, this panel was educational and entertaining. I am a rap nerd and a comics nerd, so hearing DMC talking about selling his comics to buy his first dj equipment is crazy!



Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know I'm getting the run around trying to buy champion of children from indyplanet.

samax amen said...

Sorry to hear that. When Corance gives me the green light, I will put a paypal button up for the book so you can buy copies direct from us. That should be soon.

If you send a message to samax[at]samaxamen.com, I will make sure to notify you. Again, sorry about the inconvenience.

samax amen said...

We appreciate that you're tryin'a buy our stuff! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It's all good. Went through something similar when buying Street Team. I know how to stay on them.

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