IN STORES NOW- "The Curse" by Mike Norton

 I have seen some pretty awesome 24 Comics, but Mike Norton's Pug vs Pirate epic The Curse is the illest shit ever! He did a Curse 24 hour comic each year 2009-2011, and now he has collected all three comics into one book!

In 2009, cartoonist extraordinaire and internet sensation Mike Norton (BATTLEPUG, DOUBLE FEATURE COMICS: THE ANSWER) took the “24-Hour Comic” Challenge and created the pug-tastic comic THE CURSE over the course of a single day! He returned with sequels spawned during “24-Hour Comic” events in 2010 and 2011. Now all three tales of pirates and pugs are available in print in this new softcover collection!

For the uninitiated, a 24 hour comic is a 24 page comic that is written, drawn and lettered in 24 hours or less. Making comics is hard enough, but drawing one in 24 hours is downright insane, and making one this amazing is unbelievable! I have read the first episode already, so I am interested to check this book out!
Mike Norton's The Curse is in stores now.


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