Start the day off Right w/ Von Pea

I Woke up this morning with a desire to bump some Von Pea. So let's start it off with the new J. Lately single Good Stuff, with Von on the help out and see what happens, a'ight?

Von Pea is the man or whatever. He has the same vocal appeal as a Mos Def (or whatever he calls himself now): a rapper your girl will like, but that you can still be proud to bump in your ride solo. My first exposure to the talented mister Peazy was the opening track on DJ Rob Viktum's 2007 album Progress, which just goes to show that no one can educate you about hip hop better than a good deejay...

Which is not to say no one tried to hip me to Von via sending me tracks from the group Tanya Morgan that he runs with, I just hadn't paid them any mind. My bad... I thought it was an r&b singer or something...  Anyways, here's a new Tanya Morgan video, Whatever That's Mine...

This is off the group's latest album You & What Army, available where ever dope raps are sold. So no, Tanya Morgan ain't broke up, but this post is about Von Pea, so here's more solo stuff...

Von Pea's first solo record Pea's Gotta Have It is dope enough to buy, but you can listen to it here free via the miracle of bandcamp. My favorite tracks are , , and , but that's just me. The record's filthy with nice music, so pick your own faves, tough guy!

You should pro'lly also check out So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes
which is pretty dope as well. By the way, all dudes are required to listen to Yes, there will be a pop quiz. If you play this song in your car taking a chick on your first date, she will love you forever. It's true.
have a nice day!

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