#nowPlaying "The Ego Has Landed" by Playdough & Heath McNease f/ DJ Sean P(atrick) and Propaganda

This track off the Heath/Playdough/Wu-tang mixtape Wed, White and Wu is GENIUS in a bottle, and I'm not just saying that 'cause I did the ceedee artwork either...

"The ego has landed to find a shortage of Truth, while you're puttin' me to sleep just like Kevorkian do..."
-Heath McNease
Nuff respect to that dude DJ Sean P for chopping the track up and giving The Ego Has Landed that something that most of your favorite over-produced rap has lacked since button pushing started replacing DeeJaying in hip hop. Anyways, you can dl this on some name-your-price type isht, or cop the whole ceedee (and some handsome cover art) for $15 on bandcamp.


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