IN STORES NOW- Queen Sonja # 17

The Villain is in the building! Doom (Thulsa, not MF or Victor Von) has returned from the dead to give everybody's favorite redheaded warrior queen a run for her money. Empowered by the evil god Set to carry out a doomsday rite a thousand years in the making, Thulsa Doom is looking to kick a sister while she's down! Get ready for some sword and sorcery in the manner of the true masters from trustworthy and hard-writing scribe Arvid Nelson (Thulsa Doom, Zero Killer, Kull, Rex Mundi). Peep the preview below...

Here's the Sales Pitch:
Thulsa Doom rises from the hellish depths to smash Sonja's palace. Normally Sonja would be up to the challenge, but in her weakened state she'll be lucky just to escape with all her limbs attached. Either way, Doom owes a heavy debt to his god Set for his new-found power. Set didn't revive Thulsa out of charity; it needs the undead sorcerer to carry out a horrific rite that can only be performed once every thousand years. The results of this dark ritual? Only Set knows the full truth...

I'm a real appreciator of Arvid Nelson's work. Without meaning to, I find myself drawn to his books, to the point that when I read this preview, I actually wondered if he had written it before checking back and confirming that he had. Having only picked up odd issues here and there from books like Thulsa Doom and Zero Killer, I find my wishlist of trade paperbacks is swollen with comics he wrote. Looks like I'll be adding  Queen Sonja Volume 2 to that list, and I'd recommend you to do the same. Nelson is of course more than a pen for hire, creating original characters for his (I think) creator-owned Rex Mundi and Zero Killer (which I also HIGHLY recommend). If he keeps this up, I for one will cross the line from appreciator to a full-fledged fan of his work!
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