OGN Preview: The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out

 I can't remember when I bought The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #295, but what I CAN remember is that my first reaction to it was pure jealousy! Brandon Thomas and Lee Ferguson perfectly crafted a sci-fi superhero tale that felt ground-breaking and nostalgic at the same time, starring a who's looks just like my sister Carla, and just happens to be the greatest hero in the universe. Damn. Why didn't I think of that...
Anyways, I never was able to track down #236, but now the whole (?) story is getting collected in a 175 page Hardcover and here's a MASSIVE preview for you!

The critically acclaimed series returns in OGN format! Miranda Mercury, the greatest adventurer in this or any other galaxy, is dying, and there's no possible cure. With only one year left to live, Miranda is forced to wage the greatest fight of her life, and secure the heroic legacy that has defined her since she was a young girl. Her morality will be tested, her values shaken, and the partnership that means everything to her will never be the same. For Miranda, victory is once again impossible - but that's never stopped her before! Experience incredible adventure, absolute danger, and meaningful drama, introduced by a foreword from critically acclaimed writer Joe Casey!

yeah, this looks hard. Expect The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out to hit stores in hardcover format in late August. This full color 175 page joint will be a steal at $25, or you can save some more scrill by pre-ordering it on Amazon . Either way you go, this is definitely worth your money. I feel good putting this joint on the BegBorrowSteal list (things you need to get by any means), and I haven't even SEEN it all yet! How's that for hate reversal? Once I get to read the whole story, I'll write a full review...
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