start the day off Right w/Akua Naru

This chick got the world rapped up in her locks, fam! Listen...

Do yourself a favor and quit complaining about hip hop. There is a lotta stuff out there that you don't like. There always was. But there's a lotta fly stuff out there too, and if you don't stop crying about the proliferation of wack stuff, you will sleep on people doing it right, like your girl Akua Naru.

My internet compatriot Sarafina put me on to Akua's facebook page last night, and it took me about 90 seconds to become a fan of her throaty flow. So, being the man I am, I went and snagged some youTubery for her video The Backflip, the first single from her album The Journey Aflame, which you can stream via the miracle of bandcamp.
I'm not gonna say that "Akua is just what hip hop needs" because besides the fact that it is a totally cliche and corny thing to say, I don't believe hip hop is missing anything.  It's totally disrespectful to all the dope female emcees out there rapping the paint off the walls (Bahamadia, Jean Grae, Staahr, Boog Brown, and the Vicious Cycle chicks, just to name a few...) to crown every new chick you come across that make your head nod a little, but it is totally fair to say that Akua appears to be cut from the right cloth. Despite what your favorite music television show or channel might try to tell you, the tapestry women have woven in the world of hip hop is a beautiful and significant one. Suffice to say that Akua is adding a nice thread to the culture...

Having said all that, if you think that this New Haven, CT native is just what YOU needed...
You're pro'lly not alone...



corance said...

Good lookin' out, Samax. She's dope!

Samax said...


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