Speaking of Sanford Greene...

Mef Designs by Sanford Greene...
This is some character/concept art Greene did for the Method Man graphic novel he did a while back with David Atchison and Kelsey Shannon (read my review here). I love Mef's supernatural weapon juxtaposed with his Wu-Tang steez... I ran across this while looking for artwork from his new Dark Horse serial Rotten Apple.
also, here's some pages from Battle Bash, the book he drew for  French publisher Humanoids...

That'd be me finishing off the shrimp... I'm real close to ordering this book on Amazon, even though I don't understand French... I'll be in Google Translate like a mug, I guess. Anyways, in case you missed it, click here to get a quick preview of Dark Horse Presents #2, which debuts the first chapter of Rotten Apple, which I expect to be freaking awesome too.

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