Speaking of THUNDARR...

Thundarr the Barbarian by Ryan Cody...
so yeah, if you have ever been near me at a con, you already know i freaking heart Thundarr. I think Thundarr the Barbarian is one of the most slept-on cartoons ever (so slept-on that Amazon does NOT have it on DVD grrrr). Thundarr is awesome because he will bust you in your grill at the drop of a hat. also, he rolls with a fly sista and a dude named Ookla... Thundarr doesn't hate or discriminate, feel me? and as a kid who grew up in the 80s, i like it when characters solve complex problems by waving a flaming Sun Sword around.

in retrospect, I would have liked George W Bush better if he was more like Thundarr. instead of sending other people's kids to Iraq to get blown away, he should have rode in there himself, brandishing a Sun Sword screaming "AAAAAAAAAAIIIIII EEEEEE!!" or "LORDS OF LIGHT" or whatever... plus, you KNOW Thundarr would have showed up to help after Katrina...
i'm sorry, what was my point again?
oh yeah! this drawing is DOPE! peep more of Ryan's bloggings


Cal Slayton said...

Thundarr was a huge player on my Saturday mornings. Been waiting on a DVD set for years now.

samax said...

don't get me started! how is this stuff NOT on DVD? OUTRAGE!!!!

Arkonbey said...

Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talking about. I think Thundarr is the only 80's American cartoon that was totally awesome as a kid and is still pretty watchable as an adult (I'm looking at you Superfriends)

And Thundarr would have had that duel with Saddam, too.

The Journeyman Artist said...

Thundarr is the illest

samax said...

yes, yes, yes...
Thundarr would fight Sadaam, Bin Laden and Ahmadinejad to the death on burning oil fields!


Corance said...

Thundarr would make the illest movie. Or better yet, a comic. It could be so dope!

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