new page, new beats, new fan art...

yo, here's page ten from Permanent Residents, the story i'm working on for my client. i really like this one, for some reason. in case you didn't notice it, i REALLY recommend you cop that free beat tape, Who's Harry Krum? by Playdough. that joint has revitalized the playlist on my computer! making comics is solitary work and you just can't do it without good music... so if you're reading this, Thanks Playdough!
in other news, i've been keeping busy lately. besides working on Permanent Residents, i'm also writing, illustrating and editing for the latest issue of ghettoManga Quarterly, which is available for preorder now (in case you somehow missed it...). the new issue will have the first installment in the series of illustrated articles Movies That Should Be Comics. the pic you see here is for that first article about Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse spinoff/mock-trailer-turned-actual-upcoming-movie Machete, whose star Danny Trejo was so easy to draw that I was able to knock this out in one sitting. the article was co-written by that dude Rod Buddah, boss over at PLANET GRIFFIN. you should read his blog fam, it's mustard! anyways, i gotta get back to work...


Goldi gold said...

Dope show on both joints fam!!!!!

Samax said...

thanks goldi! i'm tryin'a make it blend!

RodBuddah said...

Hot damn, fam!

I like mustard!

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