how the Grynch stole... July?

i don't hear enough hipHop out of Seattle, y'know? i've been there, so i know they got some heads up there that are dead serious about this rap isht (yeah, Camisha... i'm talkin' bout YOU!)... so i was glad to come across this dude Grynch's EP, Chemistry. with a guest shot from Detroit phenom One Be Lo, i knew he must have been good enough to give a look. head over to and cop this EP and other music from this northwest upstart FREE homey! if you dig it, kid got a full length spinner My Second Wind on iTunes so you can support.


Omagus said...

I would also recommend the Blue Scholars. Best hip hop group out of Seattle, in my humble opinion.

Samax said...

word. gotta check them out!

EzekielRawlins said...

As long as you follow Blue Scholars up w/Common Market...

Brandon Graham said...

my favorate MC from Seattle is Specs.

he also makes some mean comic books/murals and comic references in rap-- "like my man J kirby/ created a classic for those that never heard of me."

I gotta check out Grynch, I've been gone from that town too long.

Samax said...

i'm geeking to get so much great hip hop thrown at me! i'm noting all this stuff! don't be surprised to see reviews of these cats on this blog later! i'll try to remember who put me on to who!

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