ghettoManga Quarterly available for preorder

good news! i finally settled on a winner for the MF DOOM ART CONTEST, so we have a cover for the new issue! for ZEES, that meant a cool $100 for the starving artist fund, and for us, that means we can start taking preorders for the new issue. in addition to an expanded feature that will include the DOOM article and Album review by Purple Magazine's own Dazjae Zoem and the best entries in the art contest, there's also brand new comics from Nat Landry and Kristoffer Smith. of course you can always look forward to more informative articles about comics, hipHop, news, art and culture in the vaunted ghettoManga tradition!
the new joint will be available late next month for Ten bucks, or order before we go to press and get it for $8. if you're REALLY down, subscribe and get 4 issues for the price of three (like getting an issue FREE!). anyways, that's the pitch. pay with paypal, check, or credit card below or snail mail a money order. anyways, we're putting the book together now, so it won't be long. thanks again everybody for your support!

Preorder gMQ


Dat Boi Drew said...

Thats hot. how do we get in the mag?

Cal Slayton said...

Are you bringing issue #1 to the show? I need to buy one.

Samax said...

Yeah, i'll have copies of the first book at Dallas Comicon, but the 2nd one won't be out yet.

Andrew, feel free to submit via email. is the email for submissions.

PurpleZoe said...

You know I can't wait.

It's been a bit of a rough Summer but I'm striving to log into the net with more frequency now *_^

Just learned of the pre-order and posted about it.

Thx also for the shiny nod ^_^

You are appreciated, Sir Amen.
Blessings 'pon the fam ['specially the Bambina].


Samax said...

thanks DZ!
i appreciate you! you're the best!

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