It's All About ME!!!

a pic of yours truly rockin' the live art on the roof of The Bone in dallas for the ArtLoveMagic/H4 Benefit Show.
that dude Sheldon interviewed me a couple weeks ago and posted it on so if you're curious about me and what i'm talkin' about, click the pic and go check it out. leave comments. play nice. you know the deal...


mmcelhaney said...

I love peering into the minds of creative and talented people. Thanks for sharing.

Samax said...

i don't have a problem sharing. i have a problem holding back!

Anonymous said...

Yo i just read that interview man, its a good one. I used to give u a holla over myspace a whle bak and now reading what u have to say through the interview it's a lot more enlightning into ur character. So much respect.Props from the UK

Samax said...

thanks, man...
i try to populate the mySpace page from time to time, but this is still the best place to catch me. thanks for coming over!

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