face down...

my homegirl from Kansas City, Arie Dee has a new blog. Arie is one of the illest and most prolific artists you never heard of. i will not rest until she gets her shine! click the pic for a link to her blog, and harrass her until she sells you a commission or some of her comics. she won't give it up on the first try though, fellas... so ya gotta be persistent. but it's worth it!


The Infamous RodBuddah said...

I read the blog. I'm impressed--- let her know that PLANET GRIFFIN's already got her link running on our sidebar. Black Disney Be Damn! lol

Samax said...

wait till you see her comics! she's a manga fiend who made a bunch'a romance comics that were pretty tight! she's ill wit' it!

Draw Like Crazy said...

Thank you so much samax for taking the time to tell people about my work! :D

Samax said...

no problem! you really ARE one of my favorite people i know online! i have shown your deviant art stuff more than once (check the deviant of the day tag!)

Unknown said...

Me likey!! Dope werk!

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