listen to the way i SLAY....

my man Cal Slayton drew this fresh image of everyone's favorite gunclapping 3 year old, from my comic Manchild. He hooked it up as an art trade in exchange for a drawing i'm doing for his comic Spookytown... in typical Cal fashion, he banged out his end of the bargain before i got to mine. but i'm gonna see him at the Dallas Comicon next month, so i'll have his ready by then!


Mike said...

Always love Slayton's stuff. A cool dude.

Samax said...

yeah, me too. he's in a zone right now, too! peep his illustrations and stuff here:

Cal Slayton said...

Too kind, too kind.

Say, now I need to hit Michael up for a Spookytown pin-up. What do you say, pin-up swap?

B_Steelo said...


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