isht hits the Fan like Artest...

these days, i don't necessarily go to the comic shop every week. hell, i don't go every month! but i assure you, i'll go to that mug THIS week! if you didn't read Invincible #63, don't even THINK about clicking this pic and reading this free preview... go back and read the preview of issue #63, so you will want to buy that issue, then you... oh, you know where i'm going!

This issue looks like the beginning of the end. that's all i'm gonna say. Invincible is right up there with the best comics coming out. easily the best superhero comic being made today. but ya'll know how i feel about Invincible...


B_Steelo said...

Man I read that preview early yesterday...all I gotta say is hell is hot.

Ridiculous. Kirkman knows how to build it up.

big shane said...

i fucks wit Kirkman.
this shit goes real hard!

Rich said...

Loves me some Invincible!

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