Ghostface gets Mushy for tha gushy

when he's not doing Cameos in Iron Man or dropping graphic novels, that dude Ghostface Killah (of the indelible staten island massive The Wu-tang Clan) makes the hip hop music as well. so click the pic an' go listen to Baby, the new single from his forthcoming RnB album The Wizard of Poetry. the super-deformed abstract flow is a little more comprehensible than normal to allow the shorties to get down with it. all my ghostFace fans, peep it and let me know what you think...
easy now,


clnmike said...

Ghost hands down is my favorite from Wu. He has consistantly put out great albums and I dont mean a CD with a bunch of singles and ring tones on it. Im talking about great ALBUMS. Beats always tight, lyrics on point, subject matter broad, and he has always showed love for the ladies. Most underrated and unappreciated artist on the mic. His above average lyrics I believe has always held him back from getting the cross over success he deserves, but if anybody has the right to dumb it down he does. He been put in work.

Samax said...

GREAT response clnmike! over the years, ghostface has won me over. and the beauty of it is, his old stuff still sounds new because he is so different!

i agree that he has earned the right to try something different. i usually frown on it, but no one can accuse ghost of pandering to the public!

i admire an artist who can work within the realms of who they are!

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