this sheet's full'a Poop

so this dude over at Poopsheet Foundation reviewed Mine All Mine, the 16 page collection featuring one page tales of wanton theft written by indy madman David Hopkins (Karma Incorporated, Antigone, Emily Edison). he seemed to like it... even though he made no mention of the page i did (phillistine!), you may still want to read his little review. i still have a few copies left, so if his review convinces you that you just gotta have it, you can cop one of 'em below for three bucks (with FREE shipping, homie!).

still not convinced? just peep this list of contributors:
Cover by Tania Kaufmann
Samax Amen ("The Plan")
Ryan Cody ("Long Walk Home")
David DeGrand ("Stealing Electricity")
Joe Eisma ("Lost Wallet")
Jake Ekiss ("Vending Machines")
Derrick Fish ("Misdirection")
John Gonzales ("My First Stolen Car")
Michael Lagocki ("Tools of the Trade")
Jim Lujan ("The Nigerian Scam")
Paul Milligan ("Kidnapping")
Wes Molebash ("I Found It")
Chad Sell ("Will Run for Food")
Cal Slayton ("Return Policy")
Justin Stewart ("Blanket Thief")
ZeeS ("Pickpocket")
Scott Zirkel ("The Oil Change")


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