Shogun Flow, Dealin' death to anybody who Oppose Him

lava-spitting St Louis emcee Vandalyzm just let the word out that he's landed a major label deal! this is good news to anybody who shares ghettoManga's passion for emcees that spit flames on the micro (or for the health of hip hop in general ). the first salvo will be the re-release of Megatron Majorz with 9 REMASTERED songs, 5 remixes produced by Flying Lotus, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Soul Professa AND 14kt. AND 2 new jams produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis!...and who knows
what else by the time the smoke clears! get at him on Twitter for the up-to-the minute knowledge, or watch for news on the release date here. for now, click the pic to download the mix sampler and listen to that shogun flow on his mySpace!

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