Make What I Imagine Happen (but maybe i'm just a dreamer)

"I just think it was me and Damian finding our way." Nas said of his collaboration with Damian Marley on their upcoming LP Distant Relatives. "When you have two different artists working on a record when they're used to doing their own thing their own way, it's not as easy as people may think. We just flowed, and the next thing we looked up and there were so many songs done or so many songs started and worked on...we just decided to keep it going. It's not reggae. It's not rap. It's different shit for each of us."

*Road To Zion* click to view on youTube
after hearing Nas and Junior Gong on Road To Zion in 2007, i remember praying they'd do a whole plate together, and now it's about 90% done, and scheduled to hit store shelves next month! you're welcome...


Troy said...

I didn't even know about this but...DAMN! I might actually have to buy music again.

Samax said...

i think the collab album might be the secret ingredient music needs. i always insist that 90% of solo artists would be better off as members of a group...

this album has me pumped! can't wait to hear it

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