you know how i d(r)ew...

Untitled (sketch portrait) by Samax. click to enlarge
no, my boy Drew doesn't have a rap album, action movie, or graphic novel coming out... i gave his portrait its larger-than-life aura because Drew is a big-time Superman fan. he has a tattoo of the Man-of-Steel's iconic symbol on his back, a Superman chain he wears on his neck... he's got a Superman TIE, for pete's sake! you only have to talk to him on the phone once to know he does everything Godzilla BIG, so i made sure to bring that superhuman steelo to his portrait, ya dig? anyways, i drew (heh) this with watercolor brush pens and cranked it up a few notches with photoshop. let me know what ya'll think! (if you want me to do you one, go here)


Goldi gold said...

Damn, this joint is XTRA DOPE!!!! Dude got a Superman tie. Damn!!!! That's Trill

Samax said...

i'm SAYIN' though!

Vee (Scratch) said...

Yo! I'm really feeling this portrait. Composition is tight and I'm really feeling the texture created by the markers(?) if that is markers.

Samax said...

thanks, Vee!
the streaky markes and lines are from the brush markers i use. the grainy texture (i think that's what you're referring to) is photoshop. i select the area with the polygon lasso, set my pencil tool to "dissolve" and lower the transparency. i honestly don't have a deep bag of photoshop tricks, but i use that one a lot. it really meshes well with my loose (i.e. messy) drawing style, and provides a great middle tone!

Anonymous said...

Dude thats rel nice, i like the soid stance u captured, the tones are dope.

John Aston said...

Samax, your work is growing stronger and stronger... and fast. Awesome piece.

Samax said...

thanks! i'm workin' on it!

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