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I'm in an Old-School Mood Today, so I went way back to '89 and pulled out 3 Times Dope's ill single Greatest Man Alive, from what i consider the glory days of hipHop. anyways, you can watch the actual video here.


Goldi gold said...

I had the tape when it first came out. You know they use to have the lyrics written in that joint. Classic from start to finish

B_Steelo said...

Damn I remember getting this tape

Cal Slayton said...

"The Acknickulous One"

Corance said...

"EST the unusual fellow." I love that line. This song reminds me of the reason I became a KRS-1 fan after hearing "My Philosophy". His main weapon was intelligence, which should be any rapper's.

Samax said...

i know underground cats are tryin'a keep it alive. overall, cats are just not as fly as they usedta be. i mean, 3XD is a relatively minor crew of that time, and look how skilled this nigga is!

the bar for what generally PASSES as dope rhyming today is very, very low by comparison...

but that's why i cling to the underground like the earth's crust!

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