the new new...

the new ghettoManga logo, courtesy of that dude Khalid, aka bigSteelo. (told y'all it wouldn't be long...) click the pick to view that joint at full size! if you need any kinda design, illustration, or logo joints done, Khalid will knock it out the park like Dave Justice. but make sure your money is right before you run up on my man... brotha got bills, kna'mean?


mmcelhaney said...

I really like the new Logo. i need to come up with logos for my blogs.

Samax said...

i know what you mean. my movie blog still has no logo. when i look at it, i'm always trying to come up with a logo for it!

kiss my black ads said...

nice! And dude wasn't lazy wit it either. That customized type shows a lot of smart design thinking! I do this all day, I know a lil bit about this stuff, your homie got dahn!!

Samax said...

word. my man is SICK wit it! in addition to being 1/5 of the mighty ghostWerks Crew, Khalid's been working in the ad/design game for over 10 yrs.

we been friends a long time, and he still blows my mind with his raw knowledge of computer programs and web crapola.

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