Cartoonist of the Year Nominees

There aren't nearly enough comics in the romantic comedy genre being made in the united states, and of those not many writer/artists are making them with the style and humor that Drayonis, creator of The Dog Years, pulls off almost flawlessly. I often refer to it as 'your girlfriend's next favorite graphic novel' (and if you let her read it, you'll know why) but it's actually got that battle of the sexes vibe that men and women respond to. mark my words, fam: dude is onto something... (more)

Brandon Graham's (King City, Escalator, Pillow Fight, Multiple Warhedz) comics feel like a tagged up mural came off the wall and became a comicbook story. in King City (click the pic for a preview), this recovering graf writer combines all the best elements of fantasy, hip hop and science fiction in a comic that feels like it's in full color, even though it's in black and white. Brandon got his start in porn comics, and his playful and meticulous style has been described as "Children's comics for adults". He brings a wealth of diverse influences to his comics, and wears them all on his sleeve. (more)

If Charlie 'Fab' Goubile's hip hop martial arts vigilante comic Blackbird was my only exposure to his work, I would STILL nominate him for Cartoonist of the Year. But as it turns out, his fly evolving drawing style keeps showing up all over the place. In addition to completing the 3 issue Blackbird:Growing Pains story arc solo, He's dropped leaks of new comics collabos for the long-awaited Jaycen Wise project and a new joint called The Players which will come out in 2010. (more)

Like breakdancing, the Clintons and LL Cool J, Blaxploitation never really went anywhere, it's just under the radar. this year saw Black Dynamite hit theaters in limited release, creating a wide range of reviews (since it didn't open in Dallas, I didn't write any of them), and there are many comics (good and bad) devoted to the genre. as it is, I don't think there is anybody on the web repping it any better than Jay Potts, author of the Web's #1 blaxploitation joint, World of Hurt. Like CGI-haters flocked to Kill Bill for its rejection of post-Matrix computer-enhanced fight scenes, old-school aficionados need to bow down at the altar of Jay's prototypical badass, Isaiah 'Pastor' Hurt, who can fix any problem if you can pay the price. Jay's smooth lines and fresh dialogue are doing their part to keep the genre alive and in style. just don't call it a comeback... (more)

don't look now, but if you call yourself a "self-publisher" there's a good chance John Aston is making you look bad. In case you're new around here, John is the writer, artist, colorist, letterer, and publisher of OldeTowneComix titles Abusilum and Rachel Rage. He has mastered the art of the indy comic, smashing more sex, violence, gratuitous cursing and gun clapping into every issue of his books than I would have thought possible. If it was up to me, his latest graphic novel Rachel Rage: Heartland would be in every comic shop and bookstore in America, so people could remember what it was like to read a comic made without corporate bean counters looking over the artist's shoulder. but it's not up to me. just another example of how the world would be better if I ran this joint! (more)


Jay Potts said...

Thanks, Samax!

You created one helluva moral quandary for me by putting me on the same ballot with Brandon Graham. Do I go with my gut or shameless self-interest? ;-)

samax said...

that's a win-win, boss!
glad i could inspire soul-searching! my work here is done!

RodBuddah said...

Yeah, I agree with Jay--- you HAVE created a list that requires migraine inducing thinking cuz' all of the choices are that GOOD (lol)

Damn you and your Riddler-like skill:)

samax said...

yes. I am a puzzle inside of a question, wrapped in an enigma.

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