gM Award Nominees: Comicbook of the Year

my nominees for comicbook of the year. click a picture to preview the comic.

I actually first checked out Unknown Soldier on the word of one of my readers (thanks Vee!). It's a combination of war tragedy, horror story and action drama about a brilliant young Ugandan doctor who snaps after years of facing down the horrors of tribal war and genocide. in conflict with the persistent voice from within that seeks to use the doctor's knowledge to transform him into the perfect tool of murderous vengeance, Unknown Soldier explores just how far will he go to win that inner battle, while asking what it would take to return sanity to his war-torn country. This book addresses the issues that surround the politics and culture of the region with respect and has great art and story.
since i started having the ghettoManga Awards this is my first time nominating Black Panther (although the Skrull Secret Invasion story arc from last year came reeeeeeally close), mostly because of the well-intentioned but lackluster writing of Reggie Hudlin, who only managed to write a handful of above-average issues. The new writer Jonathan Maberry has really cranked it up, though! following Hudlin's Deadliest of the Species arc, T'challa has given up the mantle of the Black Panther, which has now been taken on by his sister. Maberry has essentially made the book about T'challa's family (which of course includes his wife Storm, of the X-men) and the turmoil of Wakandan politics. hot stuff...
the next nominee is Brandon Graham's epic urban fantasy King City, which stars Joe, a cat master (like a green lantern, except instead of a power ring, he wields a super-powered cat) and  listless thief who gets pulled out of his life of wandering when the drama jumps off. Brandon's comics feel like a tagged up mural came off the wall and became a comicbook story. in King City, he combines all the best elements of fantasy, hip hop and science fiction in a comic that feels like it's in full color, even though it's in black and white. If you haven't read this book, i advise you to give it a chance. 
Two weeks ago, I had never read the new Image book Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory. In fact, when I bought Taster's Choice the trade collecting the first story arc, I was doing it mostly so people would stop telling me I needed to read it. well, I read it and now I'm telling you: You need to read it! Chew has been hailed as one of the best new comics out there, and I'm adding my voice to the roar of applause. Chew follows the story of FDA field agent Tony Chu, who has the gift (and curse) of sensing the entire history of anything he tastes. If he bites an apple, he will get a flash of the tree it was picked from, all the pesticides it was sprayed with, etc. as you might expect, he doesn't eat much. In a world where all poultry is illegal, FDA agents kick down doors like the DEA, and Tony's life is filled with enough drama to satisfy any action junkie. I am way behind, but just the issues in the trade (and the book's non-stereotypical asian-american star) are enough to get them a nomination.

anyways, that's the nominees for now. feel free to suggest more nominees via email or in comments, as this post will be updated. voting starts Wednesday, December 30 and ends New Years Eve at 11:59pm. for a complete list of categories, go here.

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