Kweli, Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def on one track?!?

i don't know the name of this Reflection Eternal (aka Kweli and Hi-tek) leak, but i DO know it features Jay Electronica, J. Cole & the mighty Mos Def!  I copped it off that dude DJ Priority, so if you need more info than that, you might ask him. otherwise, click the pic to peep/download that joint. I assume this joint will be on the new Reflection Eternal record we all been waiting on, but these days rappers so reluctant to drop the next flop... so who knows? get this joint whilst you can!


bigkuntree said...

As always, anything with Mos Def & Talib Kweli is dope...but add in J. Electronica and J. you've got the ingredients for something special!!

samax said...

that's what I was thinking! 2009 supplied 'nuff euphoria for Mos Def fans, including multiple collabos w/Kweli!

omegared said...

mos and talib need to drop another blackstar album...hip hop is thirsty for it right now...cant wait for that reflection eternal to drop. with mos,talib, J electronica and j cole on it, no doubt its gonna be hot.

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