The Souls of Mischief are AT IT again!

video for Proper Aim by Souls of Mischief (of the mighty Hieroglyphics crew) off their new album Montezuma's Revenge. that dude Vee posted this on facebook, and it was so dope, I swiped it for the masses to enjoy (good lookin' out, Vee)! there's so much dope rappin' goin' on in the underground, we gotta make sure that people checking for it don't sleep!


bigkuntree said...

friggin sweeeeet!!! I haven't checked for these dudes since they dropped "93 'til"......

Corance said...

"the parking lot Lancalot". That's fresh!

k said...

best/most original hip hop video ever.

their voices changed! mwahahahaha


samax said...

word. The Souls and the Hieroglyphics have been holding it down nonstop in the underground! google them and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a classic!

B_Steelo said...

Dang that's hard.

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