Start The Day Off RIGHT---------->

Give It To Me by Rhymefest, off the upcoming sophomore release, El Che. I like rappers who are conscious and gangster at the same time. will Battle, but also get deep on you. it also helps if they like comics and stuff. ladies and gentlemen... Rhymefest! have a great day!
P.S.----free previews of NEW comics in stores today!


Corance said...

Daaaamn!!! That was tha shiznit! On the real, that's the dopest stuff I've heard in a while.

Good lookin' out, Samax! Keep'em comin'!

samax said...

sir, yes, sir!

Brandon G said...

oh shit yes.
I like how the cartoon gun flashes look in this too.

hehheh fucking hitler duck..

samax said...

rhymefest and Konee rock are a dynamic duo!

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