Have a Rabbit Samurai Christmas!

you can still treat yourself (or the rabbit lover in your life) to the anthro-samurai action of Usagi Yojimbo, which drops a new issue in stores December 23rd. in case you're a little nervous, go here for a 10 page preview of Stan Sakai'sUsagi Yojimbo #125. here's the sales pitch:
The gang war between Boss Higa and Boss Komo hits a fever pitch as the rabbit ronin concludes his visit to "A Town Called Hell"!
Kato is a master swordsman, and one of the deadliest killers Usagi has ever encountered. Fortunately, Kato works for the highest bidder, and Usagi has persuaded him to stay out of the fight, for a price. After Komo's gang is crushed, Kato goes to Boss Higa for payment, only to find that Usagi has apparently taken all the money and disappeared. Now the determined killer is after that long-eared thief!

if you like what you see in that free preview, drop into your local shop and grab Usagi Yojimbo #125 or grab Usagi Yojimbo, Book 1: The Ronin on Amazon.com to start at the beginning!


Art Love said...

Usagi is one of the most consistent books in comics. His artwork is gorgeous.

Corance said...

And it's one of the best samurai comics out there.

samax said...

I never read it. I really liked this preview though, and I always hear such good things about it!

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