"God by blood, not relation..."

all my hip hoppers (and aspiring hip hoppers. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) out there, please click the pic to download this track Walking (J.Period Remix) ft. Jay Electronica from Nneka's mixtape, The Madness Onye-Ala (full tape drops Dec 15). it will make me feel better. you might like it, too... for real, Jay Electro drops a quick verse YOU NEED on your device of choice to go perfectly with the fresh Nigerian patwah of Nneka (who i never heard of before today) and gonzo beats and layered samples courtesy of that dude J.Period. score another for hip hop!
like Nneka? here's more: Nneka ft. M-1 & General Steele - Changes (J.Period Remix)


Come Bien Books said...

YO!! Thank you dude. Nneka is the shit! Walking, Africans, thems is my joints-love her stuff and with Jay?! Its only right. j.Period has a good ear for music....

samax said...

absolutely! that beat is freakin' BONKERS! i'ma hafta get my hands on that Nneka record.

(and we ALL know how i feel about Jay Elect!)

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