Lucky Number 69...

Aliens all have their eyes on the Earth right now in the pages of Invincible! click the cover for a free preview of Invincible #69.  here's the sales pitch:
Who is Universa?! Why did she come to this planet in search of the one called Invincible? What does it have to do with the impending Viltrumite Invasion?! And why did she decide to come NOW, on the eve of an attack from the SEQUIDS?! The answers to all these questions and even more questions piled on top of them – in this issue of Invincible.

click the pic for a free preview, then snag this issue from your comic shop on December 23rd. Series writer Robert Kirkman packs as much action, suspense (and characters) into each issue of Invincible as a whole multi-book crossover at Marvel or DC. It's my favorite superhero comic... if you've never read it, just cop the 400 page "Ultimate collection" for a friend here, then 'borrow' it! Christmas Spirit FTW!

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