kuku for coco puffs

Due to the fact that I'm currently broke, i haven't been to the comic shop in a while. which is not to say i haven't been reading comics... much to the contrary, there's a GANG of stuff to read on the web for free (which even I can afford)! while i admit to you that a lot of it is poop, there's a surprising amount of excellent stuff to be found on the tray-dub these days... exhibit A: Ramon Perez's cooky contemporary fantasy comic Kukuburi, the whimsical story of a fly hipster delivery girl who stumbles into another dimension on what she thought was a routine delivery. the short version: This comic is dope. I haven't been reading it that long, so I can't tell you much except to say you will be knocked out by the beautiful art, color and character design. well, I was anyways! expect to hear more from me about this book as i get into it more... but if you have any sense at all (and if you're reading this blog, I KNOW YOU DO!), you'll click a pic and bounce over there and see for yourself!


o f l o d a said...

I'm going to check this out right now. Sounds cool.

samax said...

i've been reading it little by little... i really like it. let me know what you thought!

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