I Am (Remix)Dilated Peoples feat. Beckay

This Way by Dilated Peoples f/Kanye
I needed that...


Mr. Hawthorne said...

That hit the spot. Thanks, bro!


samax said...


Cal Slayton said...

The best part of the This Way video is when Iriscience sees DMC. Awesome. But I don't think they should have shown him again, with the escalator and all. Would've been more dramatic to see him just once.

But, hey, I get it. You get DMC to be in your video, you wanna show him off.

When are you gonna review that new Rakim? The clips I heard didn't really make me want to pick it up.

samax said...

i agree about DMC in the Dilated joint. I haven't gotteen a chance to hear the new Rakim album. when I do, i'll definitely review it.

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